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New year, new sem and new story..

It seems that both new year coming which is new year of hijrah and masihi. Happy new year i wish to all my friends and also who read this writting. May this new coming year give us new hope, determination and strength to move forward ad achieve what we dream.

This year i will not go anywhere to celebrate new year eve. Sort of tired and also my head spinning around as my i got high blood pressure. It initiated back by a super big gulp that i bought at a 24hrs shop yesterday. The drinks so concentrated that made my blood pressure to raise. So, as a result i had to skip my physics and bio class. What a pity to me.. Some of my friends going out for new year eve and some go back home. It qiute lonely at my college. But, just for this night only…

This new year also reminds me about a new and also my last sem do A-level at ktt. May my health is good and can study perectly as all subjects must get A. A new lecturers seem to be in my class. But, the main is study with whoever your lecturer is.

This year, i’m sitting for my A2 exam. In order to get total point 13points, i must work hard. There’s no time to play and keep struggle. Be a doctor in the future is my dream and also open a farm and a restaurant. But, it start from today and now. I hope this year, less controversion and less conflict happen. As it will burden my mind and aslo cause my headache. Try to cool down if anything happen. To all my friends, i hope this coming new year will be a happy year. A year which less pain, less bad things and more bright future.

This new year also giving us clues about what will happen next. The election of Kuala Terengganu parlimentary seat, a power transition between PM and his vice, a falling of world wide economy, a new name and power for Anti Corruption Agency(BPR) and more. We cannot judge a thing that happens by hearing to one side only and looking at it from a perspective only. Be realistic and try to be neutral in judging something. i hope all of us can think in a mature way so nothing bad happen.

Lastly, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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